Post # 769, Chaplin, James L. Potts, Jr,

A Chaplains Prayer

Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus we, as Legionnaires lift out hearts and hands to you in this time of sorrow and confusion.

Although some our friends and family members have been struck down by this deadly contagion, we pause briefly to ask for your soothing hand and gentle touch, letting us know that eventually “everything will be all right”.

Heavily Father, we humbly ask during this period of time you will strengthen our membership with your love and that each Member of Post #769 will feel your holy presence in their total being. Heavenly Father, we know this deadly virus has ravaged families throughout the entire world. However, we know if we strengthen our faith in you and hold on to your unchanging hand, this terrible disease will be removed as a threat to our community.

Dear Lord, we continue to ask for Post #769 to be a beacon of light in our community.

In your holy name, I pray with thanksgiving.

~ James L. Potts, Jr. / Post #769 Chaplain

In God we Trust.


Post #769 Monthly Members Meetings have been moved to an “As Needed Basis” during the Covid Pandemic. We will notify Members when our regular monthly meetings are scheduled.
Be Safe!

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